Design is in Her Blood

It’s safe to say that Trish Beaudet was destined to become an interior designer. Armed with a passion for style and a family history of design, Trish opened her own firm, Cashmere & Vine in 2001. Since then, she has become a leading name in design and a real style-influencer.

House Tipster recently spoke with Trish about her background, her favorite design elements, and what’s next on her busy docket. Here’s what she had to say.

Design is in Her Blood

Since childhood, creativity and art played a large role in Beaudet’s life. She tells us that she was always creative, had a very active imagination, and was inspired by the world around her. Couple this with the fact that her grandfather was a designer himself, and it makes sense that interior design was in her blood.

“I credit my desire to create from my grandfather who was supposed to go to design school but instead served in WWII. He was an amazing, talented artist, and I have always inspired to achieve his level of artistry,” explained Beaudet.

To this day, she still finds inspiration in the great designs she sees all around her.“I always find that my mind goes on this amazing journey of creative thoughts when I see something that is inspirational.”

An Unexpected Signature Style+ Design Favorites

What makes Beaudet’s interior design work stand out from other designers? It all boils down to juxtaposition.

By blending different looks such as light + dark, mixing finishes, varying furniture styles, and including textures throughout a room, Beaudet creates a look that’s both unexpected and refined. Marrying opposites is a hard look to pull off, but Beaudet aces this style and achieves a timeless vibe in the process.

She notes, “I love the balance and visual interest [opposing elements] add to any room.” This includes mixing and matching reclaimed and live-edge woods with bold colors, mixed metals, and crystal-laden chandeliers.

Although she adheres to her client’s design tastes, Beaudet does have a favorite look. “My favorite design is what I call ‘casual elegance’ or ‘casual beach elegance.’ I love a space to feel warm, comfortably elegant and inviting,” she explained.


Catering to her client’s specific needs is a large part of her job, and something Beaudet takes very seriously.

“The most important thing to remember is that this is their home and my job as a designer is to create what they want each space to represent; to make each space function as they need it to for their family and everyday life,” said Beaudet.

Design function is especially important when working with clients and families with different needs. Beaudet has firsthand experience with this through her work with the Suite Dreams Project. In her role as a “Designing Angel,” Beaudet was tasked with creating spaces to help sick children heal, including finding solutions for barrier-free areas.

“It was my mission to create spaces, not only where they were comfortable in while they healed, but that also addressed the daily struggles they face in their own home,” she noted.

Listening and responding to her client’s needs was key to ensure she was providing the exact space these families needed to be comfortable. “The most important thing for me in designing these special healing environments was to really listen to the parents and the children about how I could make their daily routine in their space better for them.”

A Knack for the Screen

It didn’t take long for people in her home state of Michigan and around the United States to start noticing Trish’s modern-meets-classy designs. In 2008, Trish caught the eye of HGTV and was asked to join the cast of Design Stars Season 3, where she competed against some of the biggest names in design for a chance to star in her own show.

After finishing third in the HGTV series, Trish went on to star and produce multiple design-centric local programs, online videos for Glidden paints, and a series of design projects for

Moving On and Up

Although she recently relocated to sunny southern Florida from Michigan, Trish continues to grow her thriving interior design business.

“I am enjoying building my new business here, and I am very inspired by all the different designs styles I am working with now,” Beaudet explained.

What’s next for this shining design star? Beaudet is knee-deep in a 10,000 square foot house renovation project where she’s adding transitional elements into a Mediterranean-designed house. “The transformation will be amazing!” she said.

We can’t wait to see the finished product!

We love hearing about Trish’s journey and experience as a designer and are thrilled that she’s become a close friend of the House Tipster community.

Check out the full video coverage from our special 2018 Fall HPMKT interview with Trish below:

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