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Cashmere & Vine Interiors

Every home is unique… as distinct as each individual who lives in one. At Cashmere & Vine Interiors we understand that a home is representative of who you are and needs to become more than a place to live, but a reflection of your style, your taste, your personality.

Whether you are ready to build that dream home, or just need to breathe life into your existing home, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality personalized service. We take pride in creating lasting interiors that reflect our clients’ lifestyle, taste and needs. Is it luxury you desire, or is it a comfortable casual kick your shoes off and curl up on the sofa feeling you crave? We take pride in creating the exact environment you want. Each home begins with you, your thoughts, your desires, from there a conception is born of a collaborated effort with your interior specialists.

Our command of color, fabric, texture and lighting, teaming with your personal taste and sense of style will equip you with all the tools necessary to create an exquisite, engaging environment for you and your family.

Cashmere & Vine Interiors works with builders and homeowners providing full service consultation and merchandise for all interior needs. Our expertise is frequently called upon to provide interiors for model homes, underscoring the faith these established firms have in Cashmere and Vines ability to produce outstanding interiors.


Offering complete, full-service decorating consultation & merchandise for your entire home.

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